Helping Small Businesses Acquire Digital Capital


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App Development

Whether you need a new landing page for your website or need help finishing a new feature on an internal application, we are able to build and develop sustainable solutions

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Graphic Design

Bringing your designs to life digitally through creation of fliers, logos, and social media promotion packages

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Capturing important life moments and helping you look your best always


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Graphic Design

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Meet Our CEO


Dalvin Josias Sejour is the Sole Proprietor of Dalvin Digital Design. His passions in his spare time involve creating web applications, painting, drawing, and creating flyers in photoshop. All these skills are critical to the maintenance of small businesses. Therefore, the goal in creating this digital agency is to help small businesses acquire digital capital through web design, flyers, and marketing in order to stay relevant for their target audience mind. Dalvin has industry experience and has worked for companies such as Facebook, UPS, and Stitch Fix which has forged his skills and now allows him to get a pulse on trends in the industry. Dalvin also has credibility in the User Interface Design Community. A paper he co authored on has been published by the American Computing Association.

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